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NGWIN is a software development company specialized on Microsoft Windows Platform.

Our goal is to develop and publish high quality and user-friendly software that provides convenient computing environments to our users.

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We hope all of worldwide users can enjoy localized software with ease.

If you find any inaccurate translation or untranslated text, please contact us and submit your translation to us.

Arabic The JokeR (سهيل محمد باريان)
Bulgarian Александър Иванов
Catalan Jaume Bosch
Chinese (Simplifed) PS Liang, 善用佳软, 心际迷航, 上海菠萝
Chinese (Traditional) PS Liang, Arith, kenny, shuy, 丹楓
Croatian Elvis Perekovic, Dominko Aždajić
CZech Jan Watzke, nik
Danish Regmos, Erik S. Kristensen
Dutch Rob Blauw, Reintjedevos,Wim Kerstens,Theo Kamphuis
Finnish Christian H
French Eyael
German Michael_ZZ, Arno Krumpholz (clickfish)
Greek SGS-soft
Hebrew mikycomputers
Hungarian Phoenix
indonesian Zalzala Zilzal
Italian S.Salvatore, bovirus
Japanese Asabukuro
Korean Wiziple software
Lithuanian Andrius Balsevičius
Norwegian Arne B
Persian Hessam Mohamadi (حسام محمدی)
Polish dmocha
Portuguese MCHAL, Chateaubriand Vieira Moura, Luis Neves
Romanian joby_toss
Russian SuperSlon, solokot
Serbian Ozzii и Иван Старчевић
Serbian Latin Ozzii & Ivan Starchevicy
Slovak rwrx_
Slovenian Jadran Rudec
Spanish Victor Emmanuel, Deschamps, 1kko
Spanish Latin America Vico
Swedish Åke Engelbrektson, Leif Larsson och Peter Tillman
Thai Touchwon99
Turkish Murat Pala, Cemal Dursun
Ukrainian Kangoo, LIO

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